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“Within these CDs, there is opportunity to vaccinate children against psychological distress in later life.”


Dr Brian McClean

Principal Clinical Psychologist,

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

 EPVwitheaseIn a world where stress is cited as one of the greatest occupational hazards, mindfulness based practices are invaluable for adults and children alike. With international companies like Apple, Yahoo, and Google integrating mindfulness into their workplaces, it encourages us to sit up and take notice. Using mindfulness as a stress reduction measure these companies have discovered that their staff members are more focused, take fewer sick days and are generally happier, calmer and more relaxed than prior to using mindfulness in an integrated fashion.


Inviting mindfulness into the daily lives of children increases their capacity to become still and feel good about themselves. Mindfulness based practices are simple yet profound and create a solid foundation on which to build self worth, compassion and understanding.


Mindfulness Matters creates the space where adults and children learn to build inner resources for dealing with modern day life.

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