Mindfulness Matters: Creating Space in the Mind


mindfulness & happiness for children

We introduce children to novel and creative ways of paying attention to their inside world, and the outside world. Self-esteem for children is our priority. Our workshops enhance the development of cool kids, confident kids, and help create a sense of peace for children. Simple practices done regularly can help children’s sleep and transform their lives.

mindfulness & happiness for childrenThe result is an ability to connect with the ‘inner peace’ that Kung Fu Panda is always searching for, an understanding and acceptance of individual personalities, talents, and an increase in self-esteem.

Mindfulness Matters provide simple mindfulness and happiness practices to suit all ages.

The value of each course

  • aids concentration
  • aids decision making
  • enhances openness to learning,
  • improves physical and mental well-being
  • provides an opportunity to experience ‘inner peace’
  • teaches children how to relax
  • helps build self-esteem
Children’s mindfulness practice can be enhanced by regular use of the popular CDs for children