Mindfulness Matters: Creating Space in the Mind


mindfulness & happiness for teachers

TreesImagine living and working with a sense of calm and ease. Mindfulness Matters has created courses for teachers that support a sense of harmony. Our Summer courses for teachers provide simple tools to promote and sustain mental and emotional wellbeing. Our online courses for teachers and our workshops for teachers offer flexible options. Studies with teachers show that mindfulness decreases occupational stress and enhances the classroom environment.

In a recent study conducted by The Teaching Council, entitled ‘Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress among Primary School Teachers and School Principals in Ireland’, its authors, Merike Darmody and Emer Smyth, found that 45 per cent of teachers and 70 per cent of primary school principals experienced occupational stress. As mindfulness practitioners, Derval and Ann endeavour to assist teachers to maintain calm and confidence and to create harmonious classrooms.

Mindfulness is simply ‘paying attention on purpose to the present moment and without judgement’ (Jon Kabat-Zinn). A mindful approach allows teachers to participate more fully in their teaching and children to participate more fully in their learning. It offers an opportunity to build up inner resources to deal with stress and to live life fully and joyfully.

Courses for teachers

Summer Courses

This is a 20 hour Summer Course for teachers which includes mindfulness, relaxation and building self-esteem. It has been referred to by Teachers as 'the perfect end to a busy school year'. It is linked to the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) programme for schools and offers the opportunity to explore incorporating simple midfulness based approaches into daily life for Teachers and children. Our course provides abundant resources for use in the classroom.

Staff Workshops/Courses
An Introduction to Mindfulness and Happiness

These courses provide teachers with simple techniques to reduce stress and to encourage calm and harmony in the classroom. They provide ‘time out’ for teachers to experience the value of mindfulness and to re-connect with the essence of calm, relaxation and self care. As teachers learn mindfulness and happiness techniques they also experience new skills and ideas to facilitate the introduction of Mindfulness to children. Many schools are requesting self care for teachers and are inviting Mindfulness Matters to facilitate this.

Staff Workshops are available as;

• One day sessions
• Two to three hour sessions
• Two x two hour sessions
• Sessions can also be tailored to suit individual staff team needs.