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“A life-changing experience”

Miriam Judge

Headshot Derval June 2022.jpg

Derval Dunford, Director & co-founder

Derval Dunford is an experienced breathwork, mindfulness, NSDR ( Non Sleep Deep Rest), yoga nidra and creativity consultant.

She is Director of Mindfulness Matters and Suí Mindfulness & Breathwork.

Over 9000 school teachers participated in the summer courses for primary school teachers that she co-created. These creative and interactive courses have been sanctioned by the Department of Education & Skills and were available online through INTO and Mayo Education Centre.


Mindfulness Matters offers creative interactive workshops, courses and resources both on site and on zoom for a broad range of clients including HSE staff, third level, secondary and primary schools.

Mindfulness Matters' downloads and CDs provide valuable support for adults and children, and have been endorsed by medical and health-care professionals internationally.


“…this [Suí] is the best meditation CD I have ever listened to….”

John McKenna MD and wellness author


Derval Dunford, Director of Mindfulness Matters and Sui Mindfulness  was one of four artists chosen in May 2022 to work on a collaborative project with Hospice Foundation Ireland, HSE and Creative Ireland.

Her recent creative breath and art work was described as groundbreaking. It captures the heart of ancient Irish wisdom and shares it through modern tech. It can be experienced online or in person at The Linenhall Arts centre Oct 27th to Nov 17th 2022.

She supports the Breath-Body-Mind Foundation (founded by U.S. psychiatrists  Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and Dr. Richard Brown) training breathwork teachers.

Derval has worked creatively with a wide range of educational and business organisations since 2006. Courses and workshops are tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual organisation.

Derval brings a broad range of qualifications and personal practice to her work in a creative, fun and down to earth manner.

Her passion lies in helping others to be comfortable in their own skin, and to value their unique creative contribution to the world.

Derval is a qualified MBSR teacher (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) UMASS, Yoga Nidra teacher YNN, HeathMath Breath Coach, Stress Management teacher, and BreathMastery and Breath-Body-Mind teacher. Most importantly Derval's passion for her work is fueled by her recovery from PTSD, Chronic Fatigue, and the huge personal loss she has experienced in life.

Please make contact on if you wish to enquire about a workshop or training session. 

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