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"Uplifting and nourishing.”

Eibhlin Geraghty

"An excellent, enjoyable and useful course.”

Catriona Wallace


IMPORTANT NOTE: Extensive training and experience in breathwork has changed how and what I teach. Previous teacher's programmes are now quite dated so I decide they needed to retire. Apologies to all of you wonderful teachers out there.

Rest assured I'm working on more efficient and effective ways to support you. I Thank you to the 9000 plus participants we've had to date :) See for projects

Teachers’ experience

Mindfulness for children "as Gaeilge"

2 x Teacher's EPV Courses online

These course are no longer available (see note above)

#1 Mindfulness, Self-care & Classroom Well-being 

 #2 Mindfulness, Resilience & Well-being for Schools

Mindfulness, Self-care & Classroom Well-being - further info

A most helpful course to me as a person and I feel I have so much to bring back to the whole school’.
Clare Walsh, Principal
A welcome opportunity for teachers to practice mindfulness and relaxation. Teachers need to be nourished before they can be expected to nourish others. ‘You can’t pour from an empty jug’.

Not your typical online course, this course combines audio, video, guided practices, cute clips, mindful walks, and can be completed with an air of ease. With over 9,000 previous participants endorsing Mindfulness Matter's courses, we trust that it will be a refreshing yet practical experience for you, providing lots of simple activities to support daily life in the classroom and beyond. The content is clearly linked to the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) programme for schools.
Mindfulness, Resilience & Well-being for Schools - further info

Unique creative cross-curricular mindfulness experience
Based on Irish research and feedback from over 9,000 past participants.
‘Having taught in primary school for 39 years I wish I had this course sooner!! I will use the strategies taught on mindfulness in the classroom…and I will recommend it to all my colleagues’.
Nora Burns, Primary School Teacher
A clear comprehensive course on well-being and mindfulness for teachers and pupils. This course is a unique blend of Mindfulness Matters’ creative practices, research, and feedback from extensive interaction with teachers nationally. A unique, practical, and an optimum fit for Irish teachers and schools. This course is full of nourishing practices for teachers, ‘WSE with ease’, clearly defined links to English, Irish, SESE, Art, and SPHE, plus a wealth of resources for whole school implementation, this course is a must!

Post Primary teachers: Many of Mindfulness Matters’ adult practices and children’s practices are suitable for use with teenagers. Teachers’ practices are the same for primary and post primary, the majority of the information on our courses is supportive for teachers and students and can be tweaked to become age-appropriate.
2) Face to Face Summer Courses 2021 canelled due to COVID19

  • Cultivates mindfulness and wellbeing in teachers

  • Encourages introduction of simple practices in the classroom

  • Enhances positive mental, emotional and physical health

  • Reduces stress, increases calm and contentment

  • Supports and enhances the SPHE module for teaching and learning

  • Encourages a skilful response in challenging classroom situations

  • Improves concentration, co-operation and group discussion

  • Increases self-compassion, empathy and understanding

The courses combine video, articles, guided mindfulness practices and relaxations to support mindfulness and wellbeing into daily life for teachers and children. An innovative and enjoyable opportunity to explore mindfulness, wellbeing and relaxation in daily life.

3) Croke Park Hours - on site or on zoom


An Introduction to Mindfulness and Wellbeing
  Providing teachers with simple techniques to reduce stress and to encourage calm in daily life in the classroom and beyond. They provide ‘time out’ for teachers to reflect on their personal and professional self-care and to experience the value of mindfulness.

New skills and ideas to facilitate the introduction of mindfulness to children in the classroom may also be covered.

Sessions are tailored to suit each school and staff team needs. Ranging from full day sessions on site to shorter one -two hour sessions depending on staff needs. Workshops for children in the classroom setting and/or on zoom are also included.


In a pre-covid study conducted by The Teaching Council of Ireland, entitled ‘Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress among Primary School Teachers and School Principals in Ireland’, its authors, Merike Darmody and Emer Smyth, found that 45 per cent of teachers and 70 per cent of primary school principals experienced occupational stress. Mindfulness Matters’ role is to assist teachers in reducing stress, maintaining confidence and calm, and creating a relaxed teaching and learning environment.

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