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Suí adult CDs

Sui is an essential tool for modern living… I highly recommend it..
David R. Hamilton PhD
Scientist & Author of "How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body”

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We all know on some level that the world we live in is crazy. Derval Dunford offers us a response – real, utterly simple, and beautiful. I use her Sui meditation CDs. I highly recommend them to beginners and experienced alike.
David Kundtz
Author of "Stopping and Quiet Mind"

…these guided audio sessions can help you to accomplish the goal of finding your true self and healing your life.”

Bernie Siegel, U.S.

MD and author of Peace, Love & Healing and Faith, Hope & Healing

Sui is bringing the power of mindfulness to people in a way that is safe, engaging and deeply appreciated ……I am delighted and proud to endorse this fine work.
Tony Bates
Founding Director, Headstrong - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, Dublin, Ireland.

This is the best meditation CD I have ever listened to.…the clarity of her voice is striking…… She is a very gifted person and will bring much light to your life.
Dr John McKenna

Author of ‘Hard to Stomach’

It is hard to describe how beneficial it has been to the quality of my life, beginning a journey of mindfulness inspired and led on a daily basis by Derval Dunford’s Sui CD.
Tony Griffin
Director of Sports AI, Ireland, All Star award winner, and Author

“ …it's the way Derval teaches it. she is so calming and relaxing in her classes. you feel relaxed immediately so much that I fell asleep. it's a wake up call for everyday relaxation. it's like charging your phone. you also have to recharge your life. it's life-changing. I highly recommend it.”

Kathleen Gavin

“Derval's course was my introduction to mindfulness 5 years ago and I've used her body scan CD every day since then. I'm so grateful to have this wonderful resource available to me. It has helped me more than I could have imagined.”

Aisling McDonagh

“…. Derval's new CD 'A Slice of Time'. What a gift this has proven to be!! Listening to tracks has become my nightly ritual……The state of relaxation and sleep this CD offer is nothing short of miraculous. Anyone experience sleep disturbance or anxiety.... Look no further!

Clo de Faoite

“Highly recommend Derval's classes and CDs. I recently received 'A Slice of Time' as a gift and use it regularly. Helps me to unwind and find rest and sleep in this often too busy world. I'd be lost without it….”

Brid Grady

“I love my meditation stool I got from Sui a few years ago. Beautifully made by Mick. Great craftsmanship!!! It keeps my back relaxed and comfortable while I’m meditation. Can’t recommend them highly enough.” Pauline Rogers

My 11year old son, usually a little nervous at bedtime (asks for the hall light on and door open) now gets his Sleep CD, asks for the light out and the door closed so that we don’t disturb his relaxation!

Aileen Warde, Donegal

Sleep CD

My 7 year old couldn’t sleep for quite some time, she was afraid of monsters under the bed. Within one week of listening to ‘Sleep’ at bedtime she was literally sleeping like a baby and was a much happier little girl. It was such a relief to me, I felt like I’d won the lotto!

Sarah Moran, Offaly

It’s very clear and concise, the language is child-friendly, the imagery from nature is beautiful and I love the use of body awareness in this calm safe context…. perfect for mainstream primary school children.

Peadar and Jo Aspel, Wexford

I was surprised when my 3 year old actually became engaged with and enjoyed the Sleep CD. It’s not aimed at her age group but she is certainly following the visualisations and as promised…drifting off to sleep.

Ruth McNally, Leitrim

'The Zone' CD

I am so delighted to see a resource such as ‘The Zone’ finally becoming available. Imagine a nation where children learn the value and Importance of taking a moment to simply breathe, be and discover that in truth they are ‘cool, calm and confident’ individuals. Well done Derval and Ann, I can’t recommend this CD highly enough. It such a wonderful tool to add to my professional toolbox.

Stephanie Fitzgerald-O’Malley, Educational Psychologist

I have been using mindfulness on and off with the children for the last two years. I gladly welcome this CD and see it as an essential resource for any teacher in any teaching setting. It is simple and child-friendly, Suítable for all levels of primary school children. I love that it is guided and structured and it is a welcomed rest from the class teacher's voice. The contents of the CD complement perfectly with the strands of the SPHE programme. The tracks reinforce the feelings of confidence and self esteem in children and I feel it might be of particular help to Learning Support and Resource Teachers.

Majella O’Leary, Teacher

We listened to tracks from The Zone CD each day in our ‘fluency’ summer camps. The majority of the children and teenagers found it an extremely grounding and a relaxing start to each day. Most of the group settled to the Mindfulness session easily and some expressed interest in continuing to use it on regular basis. All of the parents were open and interested in taking it on board, and some were keen to engage in mindfulness sessions along with their children.

Sinead Monaghan, Speech and Language Therapist HSE

As an artist I really enjoyed ‘The senses’ meditation and can clearly see how it could be used to develop visual perception.

Mags Duffy, Artist and Teacher

Both Zak and Felix (age 3) were very relaxed and took it all in, they really enjoyed the colour piece and it was a very calming exercise for all of us! Thanks again, wish you lots of success with it.

Colleen Kennedy, Herbalist/ Naturopath

My daughter Ciara has autism. During a particularly stressful time when bedtime was quite difficult I discovered Mindfulness Matters CDs. I’m not sure how much of the content Ciara understands but the calm, soothing effect is quite obvious. I find them helpful for myself too as we listen together. It is now part of our bedtime routine.

Marion Carney, Sligo

My son (aged 8) was recently diagnosed with autism. He has created the daily habit of going to his own room with his headphones and listens to Still Space. He announces that he ‘needs some space’. The result is a balanced child who is getting to know himself and his needs.

Ann Bourke, Mayo

Spás Siochanta Suaimhneach CD

Le luas an tsaoil ag brostú go lá do pháistí, agus iad tarraingte i ngach áit o thaobh cúrsaí soisialta, brú ar scoil agus go háirithe ar líne, ní bhíonn seans ar bith acu sos a thógáil ar chor ar bith. Ní áis áisiúl í, ach ceann tábahchtach do pháistí agus do múinteoirí freisin. Tuigeann Mindfulness Matters go cruinn conas áis mar seo a chur le chéile, agus bhain me sár taitneamh as é a sheinnt sa seomra ranga. Bhain na páistí an-usáid agus an-taitneamh as agus molaim go h-ard é d'aon múinteoir bunscoile ar bith. Maith sibh MM agus míle buíochas go deo.

Diarmuid Lyng, Former Wexford hurler, teacher, ‘Off the Ball’ co-presenter, & meditation enthusiast.

I am currently in my first year of teaching in Coláiste Pobail Setanta, a secondary school in Clonee, Dublin, and in the midst of a busy Seachtain na Gaeilge this week. With the hustle and bustle of the school day, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meditate and unwind sa rang Ghaeilge! With that, I wanted to express my gratitude… for such a fantastic resource for Irish teachers that promotes a sense of looking after oneself, both in mind and body. Míle buíochas.

Gillian McGuinness

Bhí tionchar dearfach ar an rang, thaitin sé go mór le na daltaí.

Mairéad Ní Ruaín, Príomhoide Ghaelscoil na Cruaiche, Cathair na Mart, Co Mhuigheo

Tá an CD seo ar fheabhas ar fad do pháistí, do dhéagóirí agus fiú do dhaoine fásta. Bhain mé féin an-taitneamh as! Cé gurb é seo an chéad CD aireachais i nGaeilge creidim go bhfuil sé ar chomhchéim nó níos fearr ná rud ar bith den chineál seo atá cloiste agam i mBéarla. Tá guth suaimhneach álainn ag Maire Ní Chatháin agus Gaeilge shaibhir nádúrtha in úsáid aici. Táim ag súil go mór le leagan dírithe ar dhaoine fásta!

Ciarán Mac Fhearghusa, Stiúrthóir Óga Yoga

Is fiú go mór éisteacht leis an dlúth-cheirnin seo arís agus arís eile, tá a lán le foghlaim uaidh.  Agus is furast éisteaht le glór Mháire Ní Chatháin, bail ó Dhia uirthi. Molaim an tionscadal seo go spéir.

It's worth listening to this CD again and again, threre is so much to be learned from it. And Máire Ní Chatháin's voice is very easy indeed on the ear.  I highly recommend this project.

An t-Athair Pádraig O'Fáharta, Connemara, Co Galway.

Mindfulness online for business

Every workplace in the country would benefit greatly from this course. I think it is necessary to equip all individuals with the mental strategies and exercises to deal with stressful situations in their lives. Mindfulness is so much more than just meditation or taking a quiet moment, it allows us to reflect on our lives, our happiness and ourselves. I think this course would have a very positive effect on any workplace.

Michelle Moore, Dublin

This course has really struck a chord with me as a professional...finally a course that recognizes the busy lives experienced by so many. I found both facilitators amazing and it always seemed they were actually present in the room with their reassuring, relaxing, positive nature.

Anne Hogan, Wicklow

Thank you to the facilitators of this course. It was perhaps the most practical course that I have ever done.

Bernie Gallagher, Cork

There are so many practices that have caught my attention in this course and all of which appear interesting, appropriate, beneficial and realistically they are do-able.

Michael Nevin, Kerry

It’s been a great course for me personally and professionally. I finished it with a lot of practical ideas and activities to help create balance in my life and mind, and with a sense of enthusiasm to try them out.

Agnes Maguire, Meath

Mindfulness and Well-being online course

I’ve taken a wealth of knowledge and a clear understanding of mindfulness and wellbeing from this course. It’s amazing how practical and user-friendly the techniques are, so much so that I am actually using them. The whole experience was very supportive personally and professionally. I’m looking forward to bringing these techniques into the classroom.

Mark Cusack, Clare

It’s been a great course and I finish it with a lot of practical ideas and activities, and with enthusiasm to try them out, it is unbelievable how much better I have felt since beginning this course. The classroom environment will be a calm and productive place as a result of my new knowledge and ‘way of being’.

Tina Connolly, Kildare

What a refreshing and renewing course. I took my time doing it and felt I got more from it as a result. I particularly liked the little quotations interspersed throughout. They were thought provoking and encouraging. The video clips were humorous and again thought provoking. Thank you.

Catherine Walshe, Galway

Taking time for oneself and living in the moment are the main messages of the course. It is easier said than done to "wake up and smell the roses" but this course has provided many different ways to enable us to so do.

Barry Dunne, Laois

…I thoroughly enjoyed this course like no other! It didn't feel like the usual course and the feeling of having to get it done. It was so calming and uplifting yet at the same time highlighting such important messages for teachers and children alike.  Thank you!

Andrew Byrne, Cavan

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